Waterwell Newsletter 2011


It’s riddle time!!

A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under the water for 5 minutes. Finally she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together.     

How can this be?

Marks desk;     

Doing our part...

We are eliminating paper from our procedures. Last year we implemented a pilot project.

A few of our technicians were working off of a laptop in the field. This incorporated our work orders/invoicing and scheduling. Although expensive to develop it will save enormous amounts of time and redundancy as well as greatly reduce errors.

Our technicians will now be able to see and manipulate their daily schedule, complete work orders and instantaneously transfer all information electronically through wireless internet. They will have more information available such as all the customers service history on work performed, technicians that were their prior, and parts used. This information will also be more readily available to the customers.

The communication between our dispatch and the technicians we believe will be dramatically reduced and more efficient eliminating wait times.

With the addition of GPS we will have the ability to see where are technicians are at a glance and validate arrival/departure times as well as improve response time.

In the near future you will soon be able to book your own appointments at your convenience 24 hours a day through our website.

We will keep you posted.

Yes we sell parts!!

Most parts required to repair your system can be found at our office. 

If we don’t have what you need we can usually place an order and have it for you within a few days.

It is very important that you call before coming. We do not have a parts counter therefore someone is not always available to serve you. 

As well depending on the part it may need to be ordered and this would save you a trip.

What’s in your garden?

Did you know that Quebec has 395 invasive plant species? Next to Ontario with 441 we have the second largest number in Canada. Since the 1600’s and the arrival of European settlers to Canada invasive plant species have been settling their roots in our soil. The greatest number of these plants arrived between 1800-1900. Take the Purple loosestrife, so pretty occupying that empty space between our highways, our wetlands and waterways and has even found an affectionate corner in our gardens. It is quite attractive after all and maintenance free. But with no natural enemies it’s thriving and chocking out our native plants and waterways. This in turn effects the animals and insects that rely on those plants to survive and keep our eco system in balance. One approach to invasive species is biological. They’ve imported the root-mining weevil, a flower-feeding weevil and two types of leaf-feeding beetles from Europe to try and control this hardy European perennial. This has had a successful effect in trial areas. But when these beetles begin to thrive what will they import to control them? I see a pattern similar to that folk song ‘there was an old lady who swallowed a fly..’. We need to have a better understanding of what is growing in our gardens and surrounding areas. I must admit that I have this “beautiful killer” in my garden and we have it in the garden at our office. But knowledge is the first step. This spring they will be removed and disposed of in an effective manner. After all, a single plant can produce up to 2.7 million seeds in one year, easily carried away by wind and birds.  If you would like to learn more about invasive species in your area you can check out



L(ight) E(mmiting) D(iode) basically it is an electronic component that emits light.

LED lights are becoming more readily available, cheaper and warmer colored. 

LED’s will be replacing the common place incandescent and halogen light bulb in the near future. For those of you with lighting systems this is a great way to almost eliminate service calls and save money.

The 2 main advantages of LED is that they life of the unit is about minimum 15 times more. They also generate more light per watt as there is no heat loss as with a conventional bulb. Refer to the chart.

Generally the ROI (return on investment ) of the unit is 1.25 years, ask any investor………….THIS IS FABULOUS!!!!!!!

We offer a complete line of replacement bulbs for your outdoor lighting as well as interior lighting.

5 years already?

It was that time of the year again. Time to award gold watches to 3 of our technicians who have been with our company for five years.

Congratulations to Joshua Reid, Juan Miguel and George Karabatsakis.

On behalf of all of us at Waterwell thank you for your hard work and dedication, it is truly appreciated.


Applications are now being accepted for Irrigation Technicians. No experience required. We are looking for bilingual individuals who have a valid driver’s license.

Send your CV to: michelle@waterwellirrigation.com 

Missed appointment charge…why???

Nobody likes to receive a missed appointment charge especially since they feel they are paying for something and getting nothing in return. Right? It’s the most commonly argued billing issue we have. Mainly because most don’t understand the charge. It’s a daily occurrence that a customer(s) is either not home for an appointment or, upon arrival there are other factors that prohibit us from working on the property that they have not prior advised us of.  The ONLY purpose for the charge is to break even. When a customer is not home the technicians time and the fuel to get there still need to be paid. The technician now has nothing to do until the next appointment window and the office staff has to scramble to find something. We only ask if you are not going to be home or forgot that you had some other work scheduled or that you are running late for your appointment time that you call the office before we arrive. Although it may still cause a scheduling problem on our side at least the technician has not spent time and fuel getting to you. We also understand that sometimes we forget about our appointments which is why every customer has one grace on a forgotten appointment. We simply have too many missed appointments to not apply the charge. We hope this helps explain why the charge exist.

The answer to the riddle

She’s a photographer, she shot his picture, developed it and then hung it to dry.

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