• “Many thanks to you and your team for the great job at our new place in DDO.  I know that it was not an easy job for you on certain occasions, but at the end of the job, the result is very good.  Your team is amazing, devoted to their job and they know what they are doing.  They also listen to the customer, which is very rare these days.  People like you and your team make a big difference for us!”

    R. Proulx
  • “I am very impressed with the politeness and the work of your installation team.”

    A. Ciebien
  • “To the entire Waterwell crew…YOU ROCK!  You should give classes on how to run a perfect business.  I really appreciate your team’s professionalism.”

    M. Novak
  • “I found the staff very professional and patient with my concern about possible damage to my garden.  When they finished, I hardly knew they had been there!  The whole experience was much less stressful than I anticipated and I thank you for the care and consideration.”

    M. Hauison
  • “I would like to thank the Waterwell team for the recent installation of an irrigation system and landscape lighting at my residence.  The installation crew was both timely and courteous which nowadays, is becoming more the exception than the rule.   The quality of the design and the hardware installed was above my expectations.  I don’t know how you do it, but whatever it is, keep on doing it!”

    G. Alexopoulos
  • “The management of Kehal Israel Memorial Park would like to take this opportunity to thank both the management and staff of Waterwell Irrigation for their outstanding work on their recent project at our cemetery.  This difficult and time consuming task was performed with a great degree of professionalism, all the while managing to maintain the atmosphere of minimum disruption in an area of this nature.  The result is that we are now able to care for the premises in a more effective manner than was ever possible in the past. ”

    L. Paperman
  • “They were efficient and polite and took the time to answer questions and provide explanations.”

    R. Dessureault
  • “What impressed me was the quality of the work.  So well done and each man who came was so conscientious about what he did.  Thank you and best wishes to all your team including the secretaries in the office."

    M. Gilbert
  • “I would like to thank you for the excellent service over the years.  I will recommend your company to anyone who is looking to get an irrigation system installed.”


    N. Mondor
  • “Many thanks to your staff who carried out repairs competently and efficiently on our sprinkler system.  The system that you installed for us in 1988 has performed very well through the years, thanks to a good job having been done at the time of installation.”

    F. Perrigo
  • “Mark was very professional, nice, charming and knows his job.  The installation crew was very nice and extremely professional – clean work and competent.”

    L. Greenspoon
  • “I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I was impressed with your team – from the ones who did the repairs to the ones answering the phones.  Everyone is polite, courteous, and knows what they are doing.  You should be proud of the company that you built.”

    L. Giuliani
  • “Thank you for such great service and co- ordinating with my house sitter so conveniently. I am so glad I changed companies this spring; my former company would not have been nearly so efficient or accommodating.''

    K. Davidman
  • “We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Waterwell that has supported us over the many years. The quality of service and professionalism of your people remains second to none.  Many thanks to everyone at  Waterwell for the great support over all these years.”

    B. Di Ciero
  • “In all my years dealing with Waterwell  you have all been so lovely from the office to the young men you send here. Everyone is always a pleasure.“

    Mrs. Geller
  • “I want to commend you on the well written news letter and the good work your company is doing in the community !!

    Thank you very much.”

    D. Mowat
  • I would like to commend Waterwell's team for doing double duty today in the rain and helping us out to get our job done.
    They came and opened my system in the morning and then they returned late in the day in the rain to lay new piping. They offered to help us out and get the job done.
    We are so happy with their work and their very positive attitude through it all.
    They are great workers.
    Well done!

    Stephanie Kerner