We back our installations with the most extensive warranty in the business. We can even offer extended warranties at extremely low rates as a result of the superior products we use and our professional installation techniques. We also offer our clients various service package options (bronze, silver, gold, platinum), to better suit their needs.

Waterwell is one of the very few irrigation companies that will issue you, upon job completion, professional AutoCAD plans of your irrigation and lighting installations. These multi-layered technical drawings will indicate where pipes/wires have been passed on the property, sprinkler/light locations and where to find key items like controllers or valves. For more complex jobs, we also offer to design approved plans with specifications so that it is easier to coordinate with other contractors that may be working on the landscape project.

We can do residential jobs from rooftop terraces to multi-acre estates, lakeside country houses, and any types of jobs for industrial and commercial properties.

Our systems are also ideal for baseball fields, football fields, soccer fields, tennis courts and municipal parks.



Residential and Commercial Irrigation Services

  • New Installations
  • Openings
  • Closings
  • Repairs
  • Troubleshooting diagnostic
  • Alterations/Modifications
  • Water Audits (Inspection evaluations)
  • Design and AutoCAD plans

Micro Irrigation

  • Flower Pot drip emitters
  • Drip tubing for small planting boxes
  • Dripline for cedar hedges/trees

Exterior and Interior Automated Lighting

  • Landscape garden lighting
  • House and soffit lighting
  • Underwater pond lighting
  • Security lighting

Interior Irrigation

Spring Openings

Serviced from late-March - June

Spring Opening Includes:

  • Opening the main water valve to the irrigation system
  • Verification of leaks in main and sprinkler pipes
  • Adjustments of sprinkler heads
  • Programming timer for optimal watering
  • Making a report of all repairs/modifications needed

Fall Closings

Serviced from mid-September - November

Fall Closing Includes:

  • Closing the main water valve to the irrigation system
  • Blowing out all water from sprinkler heads and pipes using a compressor
  • Winterizing any faucets, fill-ups, pond, etc…
  • Turning off timer and removing battery
  • Making a report of all repairs/modifications needed for next year