As people and companies are becoming more and more conscious of water conservation, we can install various devices that are capable of reducing the amount of wasted water for a typical irrigation system.  Not only will it ultimately increase the efficiency of your sprinkler system, it will also save you money and reduce your hydro bill.

Rain Sensors
Depending on the amount of rain received, a typical rain sensor can save a lot of water by preventing an irrigation cycle when it has rained and subsequently delaying future watering cycles if it has rained a lot.

Solar Syncs
Solar Sync sensors take into account not only rainfall but temperature and weather conditions as well. A properly calibrated solar sync sensor can save approximately 30% of total used water.

Flow Meters
Installing an irrigation controller with flow sensors can save a lot of water if there is a potential leak/broken head/missing nozzle, by automatically turning off problematic zone/s or even the entire system if there is a leak in the main.

Rain Collection Reservoirs
Installing an underground reservoir that collects rain and water run-off is a great way to compliment a domestic irrigation source and help preserve our most sacred resource.

MP Rotators
MP Rotators are widely considered to be the world's most efficient sprinkler.  They use multiple streams to deliver water slowly without runoff and can typically save 30% of water use.

Drip Irrigation
By directly watering the roots, there is no wasted water from evapotranspiration or loss from heavy winds.

Rain Sensors