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We are the industry leader and one of the largest professional irrigation and landscape lighting companies servicing the greater Montreal area since 1985 with over 4000 satisfied customers.

We specialize in the installation and servicing, design and consultation of irrigation and exterior lighting systems for all types of applications: residential, commercial, industrial, condo complexes, sports fields, shopping plazas, rooftop gardens.

We only install professional grade material and back all of our installations with the most extensive warranty in the business. 

We can even offer extended warranties at extremely low rates as a result of the high quality selected products we use. With our vast trial and error experience, we hand pick the best individual components from all major manufactures: Rainbird, Hunter, Irritrol and Toro to provide the optimal product package to compliment our superior installation techniques.



Waterwell Newsletter 2021

From Joel’s desk…

Winter’s almost over!

The purpose of this newsletter is threefold.  First, I would like to show my appreciation for your support over the years – Waterwell owes all its success to our customers and although I don’t get a chance to see you all personally, I want to assure you that I don’t take your business for granted.  I am continually striving to improve the service we provide you.  Secondly, I would like to point out that this winter, we have spent a lot of energy increasing the speed and efficiency of our business.  You can read all about it in this issue (Waterwell Pushes The Envelope). Finally, although I am very busy, especially in the first half of the season, I would love to hear from you if you have any questions.

Joel Shugar  

Mark’s comments

Its has been 17 years now that we have existed.  I attribute our success to you the customer and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.  For many of you we have been working at your house for several years and you can see that customer satisfaction and job quality are very important criteria.  With our growth the inevitable has happened….  I do not always get to give you the personal service I would like to.  On the brighter side we do have very qualified office and field personal who are familiar with your system and needs. Several of these people have been with us for 10 years and many for 5 years and more!  I always enjoy and encourage any encounters that I may have with you the customer… please feel free to contact me if you have a question, would like to resolve a problem, or just to say hello.

Waterwell Pushes The Envelope

We are constantly trying to update and automate our services.  We do this for several reasons - to make our life easier, provide better services and keep our operating costs down.  In the past we have installed a customer database and automated our scheduling. Last year, we changed our accounting software and this resulted in a few slow-downs and errors. In addition to correcting this problem, we have continued to develop our own custom-made software tying-in our service, and purchasing departments. As well, our fleet of service vehicles has been upgraded to reduce the amount of missed service calls resulting from vehicle maintenance. Finally, we have put our office staff through rigorous training this winter to better improve our service.  We have also increased our office hours to 7am to 8pm, seven days a week during the peak parts of the season.

Our Community

Waterwell has supported many different community events in the past from yearbook ads to golf tournaments.  As well we have donated $13 000.00  to 32 different charitable organizations.  We believe that it is everyone’s responsibility (including businesses) to support the community in which they live and work.  That is why we have been donating and supporting various groups over the past 8 years and will continue to do so in the future.  This year, in addition to our regular donations, we will also be installing a system for a Charitable organization with the cooperation of one of our manufacturers and suppliers Nelson and Canaglobe Distribution.

New office hours

Waterwell Irrigation is open 7 days a week for service and installations during the season.  The office staff is available to take appointments and answer any questions during regular business hours Monday through Sunday from April to December and Monday through Friday during the winter months. 

Regular service calls can be done within 24 hours of receipt of an appointment.We may be reached by phone 514-333-0808, fax 514-333-5225, or e-mail: info@waterwellirrigation.com.  You may also visit us at our website www.waterwellirrigation.com.

Winter’s almost over!

The purpose of this newsletter is threefold.  First, I would like to show my appreciation for your support over the years – Waterwell owes all its success to our customers and although I don’t get a chance to see you all personally...


“Many thanks to you and your team for the great job at our new place in DDO.  I know that it was not an easy job for you on certain occasions, but at the end of the job, the result is very good.  Your team is amazing, devoted to their job and they know what they are doing.  They also listen to the customer, which is very rare these days.  People like you and your team make a big difference for us!”

R. Proulx
Advantages of owning an automatic sprinkler system

You can devote your time to other activities instead of watering the lawn manually

An attractively landscaped exterior, with lush growth and healthy plants, helps your house project that fresh, well-maintained look

Because manual watering is often inconsistent, you can count on your automatic sprinkler system to provide your plants and flowers with consistent, carefully timed, precisely measured amount of water – exactly when they need it

An automatic sprinkler system can save you literally thousands of gallons of water a year simply by watering in a precise manner, remembering to turn itself off at the right time and not watering when it is not required

30 years in the business has enabled us to have:
  • 7 days a week service
  • 15 service trucks
  • 2 dedicated installation machines (residential/commercial)
  • Installs pipes and wires without digging
  • Specialized installation and service equipment (wire tracking devices, diamond core drills, etc…)
  • Fully automated dispatching
  • Web based customer interaction
  • Electronic service tablets directly e-mailing you an invoice when the work is complete

Waterwell Irrigation is a certified member of Irrigation Association of Quebec.

Our office staff consists of six full time employees. With the support of our 10-15 service technicians and 20-30 support technicians, we get the job done and take care of problems!

WaterWell 30years