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We have surpassed a milestone and should have mentioned it last year. 2014 was our 30th year in business...WOW...not sure how I missed this! What can I say...unbelievable...when you look at the entire picture... “I can’t believe it”, when you look at the small picture...“What took so long?” So how exactly did this happen and what has changed?

Many people do not know the story of Waterwell. As a teenager I always worked for myself doing any odd job people had asked, from changing a light bulb to finishing basements, to landscaping and lawn maintenance. In 1984 someone asked me to install an irrigation kit which stores used to sell, and thus Waterwell was officially born in my parents D.D.O. garage. As it turns out, those beginner kits were really not that good or expensive and as we gained knowledge through trial and error, our team eventually redid all of our first systems, charging only an incremental cost for the better systems.

In the beginning, Waterwell was only a small part of my summer jobs while off from school, but as our reputation grew it became the dominant and exclusive thing that I did during the summer. As the years went by, it became much more of a demand in order to be competitive and we had to start operating at the end of April and close for the year in December. As a result, my school took a step back and I was only attending in the winter months with a reduced course load. I did eventually graduate from university, but it took 7 long years to complete. The bulk of our work always came from (and still to this day) referrals. We used to install referrals that were friend’s parents, and as the years went by, we began installing the friend’s house, and now 30 years later, Waterwell is installing systems for the friend’s kids...three generations! Starting with no employees and working out of a residential garage with a pick-up truck, we evolved and grew to a high of about 50 employees, 15 service vehicles, 2 trailers, 3 pieces of equipment and a 4000 square foot office/warehouse.

So what do we attribute our main success to……….pride and integrity. We take a lot of pride in our work, starting with our knowledgeable office staff and extending to our experienced outdoor technicians. We provide excellent service which in the long run is what people mainly desire. Soon after price is forgotten, our exceptional service is what sticks out. We are accountable and responsible if ever an error occurs, and we don’t stop until the client is happy and the end is result is done right.

What has changed over the years:

100% of the jobs used to be done by hand-digging, now 80% is done with specialized machinery/equipment.
We used to avoid complicated jobs as we did not have the expertise, now we welcome any job that is challenging...the more complicated, the better.
Irrigation systems used to be considered a luxury item, and now they are widely considered standard equipment on any new construction.
The water supply used to be generated primarily from domestic water of the house or building, now we use recuperated water from rain and/or drainage collection, to pumping water from lakes and rivers.
We used to mail correspondence and receive payments by cheque, but with the introduction of the internet and internet banking, this is becoming more obsolete.
Water conservation was virtually non-existent in the past, and now we do the same job and attain the same results with up to 30% less water, using education, awareness and new technological components.
Aesthetic outdoor lighting was almost non-existent, and is becoming more relevant as people are making outdoor spaces new living areas and extending its usefulness by making it more inviting.

QUIZ: How many feet of pipe has Waterwell installed in the last 30 years?

Understanding your irrigation and lighting controllers

Programming your sprinkler controller and/or lighting timers may at first glance seem like a daunting, painful and alien task, but a few minutes of familiarizing yourself with your system’s model can often save you the price of a service call.

One of the most common reasons why your sprinkler/lighting systems may appear to not be functioning correctly is the direct consequence of a recent power outage. Although most modern controllers either have batteries or internal backup memories to store your system’s programming information, they do not keep the ‘current time’ if the power supply is interrupted or disconnected. As a result, your sprinklers/lights may be running according to their programmed schedule, but merely offset by a few hours, or possibly not running at all and need to be reset. Usually this simply entails reentering the correct time and date into the controller. If you don’t know where your timer/s are located, consult your Waterwell irrigation/lighting plans and they will tell you exactly where they are located (most are located in either the garage or shed, but can vary). In addition, usually copies of the instruction manuals are left with the controllers and/or were issued with your guarantee packages upon initial job completion. If you have lost or never received your programming guide, consult our website for a list of useful product links or contact us at our office and we can issue you a copy of the proper manual for your specific model number.

Our most common irrigation timer: Hunter Pro-C can be viewed at:


Our most common lighting timer: Aube TI073 programmable switch can be viewed at:



Applications are now being accepted for Irrigation Technicians.

We are looking for bilingual individuals who have a valid driver’s license.

Send your CV to: jessica@waterwellirrigation.com

Rates are changing!

We have kept our rates the same for 7 years but this year we have to raise the labour rates by $2.00 per hour for both apprentice and senior techs. The new rates are now $59.00 for an apprentice and $79.00 for a senior tech. This rate change is due to the increased cost of labour as we try to give wage increases each year to our employees.


In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, many municipalities are requiring that all irrigation systems be equipped with rain sensors and backflows to prohibit tainting the drinking watering and exterior shut off valves in case of emergencies. Please contact your municipality/borough to make sure your irrigation system conforms to these new by-laws. Fines by the cities for not having the above mentioned start at $200.00, which is generally more than the cost to install them.


Additional discounts offered online if you opt for the paperless option for all communication including work orders/invoicing/and online payment? You have only to select the box on the booking form advising us that you would like this option or advise us the next time you are on the phone with one of our customer service reps. Make sure when you phone in that we have an updated email.

New Office Staff

Please welcome Jessica Benchimol who joined Waterwell in July 2014 as Michelle’s maternity replacement. Michelle had a baby boy in October 2014.

Also, please welcome Andrew Guibord as our new Customer Service Representative who will be replacing Alex as she has decided to pursue other opportunities.

Celebrating 31 years of service!!


Soon Waterwell will be able to monitor and change your irrigation programing well as monitor for leaks from our offices.are already being installed since last fall to be able to do this. We will be providing more information with our fall mailer. are currently working on all the costing and logistics to be able to offer a value added monitoring system which will be included in our service packages for Spring 2016.



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