Our Team

We take pride in the fact that our outdoor and office staff are among the most highly trained in the industry.

We have developed our very own eight-level training program ourselves and all our irrigation and lighting training is performed in-house. It is constantly being updated and modified to adapt to current needs, products and techniques available. As well, we send our employees out to other learning centers to take various types of safety courses, such as CPR and CSST Construction Safety.

As we grow, hiring and training new employees becomes more and more important. This year, we have several new members of our team who have already begun the long training process. Over 50% of our entire work staff has more been with us for more than 5 years. Our present office staff has over 50 combined years of experience, and our outdoor staff is pillared by 6 technicians with over 10 years experience each.

We encourage you to give them feedback on their progress whenever you communicate with them, as this will help them immensely in their development.

Did you know ?

Our technicians work 7 days a week, from 6AM to 8PM and are all radio equiped to provide you with the most reliable service.

They are constantly being updated on new products and techniques.

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Waterwell Newsletter 2013


Half of all the water put on lawns each year is wasted through evaporation or over watering, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA estimate of the waste is a staggering figure: 1.5 billion gallons each day. 

Waterwell Newsletter 2012


We have discussed this in many past issues and the momentum is growing. Waterwell has been requested to give feedback and opinions to several municipalities during the past year. We have been asked many questions about rain sensors:  Do they work?  How much water do they save? How much water does the plantation require? Can the timer be programmed too? When is the best time to water? Yes, they work very well and can save up to 20% on needless water consumption. On average plants and grass need about 1” of water a week. The ideal time to water is early morning to prevent evaporation or when water demand for the municipality is low to avoid water pressure issues. Timers can be programed to your municipal restrictions.

Waterwell Newsletter 2011


We are eliminating paper from our procedures. Last year we implemented a pilot project.

A few of our technicians were working off of a laptop in the field. This incorporated our work orders/invoicing and scheduling. Although expensive to develop it will save enormous amounts of time and redundancy as well as greatly reduce errors.

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